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Since 2003 the team at Diffuser Industries have supplied and custom-built high-quality light diffusers to clients across all spectrums. Thanks to the innovative design and versatility of our products our diffusers are well-suited for the refrigeration, display, air conditioning, maintenance, electrical, and lighting industries to name a few.

Using accurate and advanced equipment our skilled and qualified professionals can easily take care of all of your lighting diffuser needs and requirements. From vacuum-formed lighting, to batten replacements and prismatic lighting diffusers, we can protect your light bulbs without the diffuser yellowing or reducing the amount of light emitted.

At Diffuser Industries we have made it our mission to deliver a superior service for a lower price. To speak to our passionate team for yourself call us on 03 9464 6600.

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Diffuser Industries are located at:
15B Charnfield Court, Thomastown, Victoria, 3074, Australia
Telephone: +61 3 9464 6600
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