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Metal Fabrication Melbourne

Accurate, professional, and qualified, the team at Diffuser Industries have the capability to improve the condition and quality of domestic, commercial, and industrial environments across Melbourne thanks to our unmatched and personalised solutions.

Since 2003 our expert, family-owned, company have supplied and customised a wide range of superior and durable light diffusers that are ready for installation. Along with our exceptional services and solutions in the lighting sector the team at Diffuser Industries can complete durable and faultless metal fabrication for Melbourne-based clients including floodlight cages, fluorescent guards and custom brackets.

Using advanced machinery that can precisely cut metal sheets and rods, our team can complete custom metal fabrication at a competitive price to guarantee that our customers are completely satisfied by our in-depth services and solutions. To find out more about the outstanding benefits of our metal fabrication services Melbourne businesses can contact us on 03 9464 6600.

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